10 Christmas Tips for Maximising Sales

If you want to take full advantage of Christmas sales then Thursday and Friday this week are the best days of the year to list auctions on eBay and the best time to launch them is between 1 and 2pm. That’s the prediction of Simon from ChannelAdvisor if you want them to end on the busiest online shopping day of the year.

Last year Monday 8th December was the busiest online shopping day of the 2008, so Simon is betting on Monday 7th December being the top shopping day in 2009 for Internet businesses. Starting auctions on Friday this week will ensure that they’re ending and at the top of search on the 8th to take full advantage of the predicted influx of buyers.

Regardless whether or not Simon’s prediction is spot on, there’s no doubt that next week buyers will be busily spending their last pay cheque before Christmas, so here are our top tips for making the most of the holiday selling season:

Tips for making the most of Christmas

1 Increase the number of auctions you run concurrently on eBay. Auctions are the one way to guarantee you get to the top of the search results page.
2 Add “Buy It Now” feature to eBay auction listings.
3 Schedule eBay listings in advance to ensure they’ll finish at the best time on the busiest days.
4 Top up inventory on fixed price listings and your website – Don’t run out of stock and lose your position in eBay Best Match.
5 Add Best Offer to your fixed price eBay listings. Consider automating accept/decline on Best Offers if you don’t already.
6 Use Markdown Manager on eBay and discounts on your website to attract buyers with discounts.
7 Use Featured First for products for which you have deep inventory.
8 Review shipping options, offer customers guaranteed fast shipping options such as Royal Mail Special Delivery or 24 hour courier.
9 Use email marketing to promote season goods and special offers to your website mailing list and eBay shop subscribers.
10 Send out discount vouchers for your website valid from January 1st with all orders. Offer incentives to keep customers buying from you after the holidays.

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