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Christmas & After Christmas Sales, Bargains and Discounts

Predictions point to smart retailers dramatically slashing prices even further to bring in Black Friday shoppers, or to lure buying online during Cyber Monday sales beginning immediately after Thanksgiving.

Although we usually recommend sites like overstock.com and smartbargains.com every day of the year, most major online retailers offer Christmas & after-Christmas sales will join the competition in an annual “Christmas clearance” smackdown for the holidays.

At the mall, keep an eye out for those gift sets of perfume, cologne, or toiletries sets that go on sale before and after the holidays, (which may make great birthday or anniversary gifts later on.) Also watch for big bargains on sweaters, gloves, and scarves.

Finally, don’t forget that ‘timing the market’ is everything when you’re looking for a bargain so don’t be too quick to jump into the Christmas buying frenzy just yet. Often the best discounts and bargains to be had are by last minute Christmas shoppers.

Coupons and discounts

If price reductions are good, then lowering prices further with discount codes & coupons can be even better. Visit coupon sites like Coupon Mountain, Fat Wallet and Wow Coupons for those handy coupons offering price reductions on already hot deals. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Compare & Save

There are some great price comparison sites like pricegrabber.com, mysimon.com, dealtime.com that act as major clearinghouses for info on hot deals all over the Web with constant updates of what just got reduced – again. So compare early and often.

Stretch That Gift Certificate

Gift certificates, or e-Gift certificates make great gifts. With the the electronic version, recipients receive a special code via email and can shop online at stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or even Lenox China. So if you’re lucky enough to receive a gift certificate this year, don’t jump on cashing it in right away.

Wait a few days until after Christmas – then shop when stores lower prices to 50-80 percent off – and you’ll be doubling the value of your gift certificate.

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