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Hang Loose Outlet

In 1982, when the surfwear market did not exist, Alfio Lagnado created the brand Hang Loose. Surfer, he sought a viable alternative for their trips in search of perfect waves. It was then that he noticed the lack of specific shorts to practice the sport and started to produce them. Until then, the only models available in Brazil were brought from abroad. Today, the Hang Loose brand is the leader in surfwear and clothing exports its articles to several countries in Latin America and Europe.

In 1986, an action very daring for its time, held the Hang Loose Pro Contest, in Praia da Joaquina, Florianópolis (Brazil). The World Tour event was considered a landmark in the history of surfing in Brazil and today is the country’s most traditional tournament. Went through several of Brazil as Joaquina Beach, Florianópolis; Pitangueiras, in Guaruja, Gaibu Maracaípe and in Pernambuco, in 2000 to reach the paradise of Fernando de Noronha archipelago. This year the tournament takes place for the 11th time on the island and is the only country with the prime status and level six stars for its excellent quality of the waves.

Thus was born the Hang Loose, 100% Brazilian brand, unlike the competitors at the time – mostly gringo. In 1988, the Hang Loose sent to the ASP World Tour the famous dynamic duo formed by Flavio “Teco Padaratz and Fabio Gouveia. With this, Brazil has become part of the surfing world, giving international prominence to the company.

Over the past three years (2007, 2008 and 2009), also sponsored the only stage of the World Championship Tour (WCT) in Brazil – the elite of the surfing world – and was considered by Tops as the best evidence of the 2008 season. In 2007 it was won by Mick Fanning (winning the world title in Brazil) in 2008 and by Bede Durbidge phenomenon in 2009 by Kelly Slater.

In 1995, began supporting the basic categories, sponsored by the Sao Paulo circuit Amador, the Hang Loose Surf Attack. And in 2008 innovated to create the Hang Loose Surf Camp, clinic developed by experienced coach Paul Kid in order to prepare amateur athletes, providing the physical, psychological and nutritional treatment for one week in Itacare (Bahia).

In the team, Hang Loose has featured athletes on the world stage. Represent the brand in competitions worldwide Bernardo Miranda, Junior Faria and Ian Gouveia. Mestre Fabio Gouveia, after more than 20 years dedicated to the competitive landscape, is a new phase, focusing on the free surf and travel with the new generation, and prepare content for media in general. The freesurf Danylo Grillo explores the hottest peaks in the world, while the big rider Sylvio Mancusi fighters curl – and the waves – the heavier the planet. In amateur competitions Victor Bernard, despite his young age, has accumulated many important titles in the curriculum.

Produced by specialists in Brazil and abroad, accompanied by a work of quality supervision that follows the normal environmental and labor regulations, products are moved in over a thousand points of sales and multi-format under license abroad.

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